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An Introduction to Sport & Exercise Medicine and Sports Injury Management SHSM020 Module
Applied Biomechanics ESS2707 Module
Biochemistry of Exercise ESS1702 Module
Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement ESS3805 Module
Biomechanical Aspects of Lower Limb Injury SHSM005 Module
Biomechanics and Kinesiology ESS2004 Module
Clinical Aspects of Sports Injury SHSM021 Module
Clinical Exercise Prescription ESS3804 Module
Contemporary Debates in Lifestyle Behaviours and Public Health SHSM050 Module
Current Issues in Physical Education (PE) EFPM374 Module
Current Issues in Sport Psychology SHSM019 Module
Developing Practical Knowledge for TESOL Teaching EFPM280 Module
Dissertation ESS3302 Module
Emerging Themes in Physical Education ESS3704 Module
Employability and Career Development ESS3900 Module
Exercise and Sports Psychology ESS2006 Module
Exercise Physiology ESS2001 Module
Exercise Programming 1 ESS2502 Module
Factors Affecting Performance ESS3001 Module
Foundations of Biomechanics ESS1204 Module
Foundations of Exercise and Sport Psychology ESS1605 Module
Foundations of Exercise Physiology ESS1005 Module
Foundations of Sports Nutrition ESS1506 Module
Foundations of Sports Nutrition ESS2505 Module
Human Anatomy and Kinanthropometry ESS1006 Module
Human Anatomy and Physiology ESS1004 Module
Human Physiology ESS1007 Module
Independent Research Review ESS3303 Module
Introduction to Statistics ESS1701 Module
Kinanthropometry ESS1203 Module
Laboratory Techniques in Physiology SHSM006 Module
Learning and Teaching in Physical Education ESS2704 Module
Learning, Employability and Personal Development ESS1900 Module
Motor Control ESS2222 Module
Nutrition and Metabolism ESS1606 Module
Paediatric Exercise and Health SHSM014 Module
Paediatric Exercise Physiology SHSM003 Module
Paediatric Exercise Physiology ESS3803 Module
Paediatric Exercise Physiology ESS3703 Module
Physical Activity and Mental Health SHSM026 Module
Physical Activity and Mental Health ESS3809 Module
Physical Activity in the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Disease SHSM022 Module
Physical Activity Promotion and Public Health SHSM028 Module
Physiological Determinants of Exercise Performance ESS3707 Module
Research Methods and Analytical Procedures ESS2303 Module
Research methods and analytical procedures SHSM024 Module
Sport Psychology ESS2710 Module
Sport Psychology ESS3808 Module
Sports Medicine:Non orthopaedic injuries and entities SHSM027 Module
Sports Medicine:Non Orthopaedic Injuries and Entities SHMS027 Module
Sports Nutrition ESS2506 Module
Sports Nutrition ESS3505 Module
Sports Nutrition & Metabolism ESS2509 Module
Strength, Conditioning and Athletic Training ESS2504 Module
Strength, Conditioning and Athletic Training ESS2508 Module

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