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America in the World POL2106 Module
American Politics POL2047 Module
Anarchism and World Ordering POL3124 Module
Anarchy and World Ordering: The Anarchist Perspective POL3197 Module
Applied Analytics POLM164 Module
Applied Quantitative Data Analysis POLM809 Module
Applied Skills: Becoming an Effective Negotiator POLM159 Module
Becoming an Actor in World Politics: International and Transnational Recognition POL3261 Module
Behavioural Public Policy and Administration POLM015M Module
Behavioural Public Policy and Administration POLM227M Module
Behavioural Public Policy and The 'Nudge' Agenda POL2097 Module
Biopolitics POL3057 Module
Biopolitics in Practice POL3222 Module
Brexit: Causes, Interpretation and Implications POLM148 Module
British Foreign Policy POL2115 Module
British Government and Politics POL1001A Module
Central Asian Politics POL3156 Module
Changing Character of Warfare POL2082 Module
Changing Character of Warfare POL1024 Module
China in World Affairs POL3202 Module
City Politics: Power, Policy and Conflict POL3179 Module
Civic Engagement POL3205 Module
Classical Political Thought POL1025 Module
Climate Justice POL3259 Module
Climate Justice POL3251 Module
Comparing Western Democracies: Parties, Elites, Institutions POL3166 Module
Conflict, Security, and Development in World Politics POLM084 Module
Contemporary Theories of World Politics POL2020 Module
Corruption, Legitimacy and Representation POL3235 Module
Dark Masters? Political Advisers in Modern Democracies POL3273 Module
Data Analysis in Social Science POL1041 Module
Data Analysis in Social Science II POL2077-SOC2077 Module
Deliberating the Environmental Emergency. The Citizens Assembly Module POL3255 Module
Democracy in the European Union POL3196 Module
Democracy in the European Union POL3216 Module
Democratic Innovations, Deliberation and Public Policy POL2120 Module
Developments in British Politics: Challenges and Opportunities POL3268 Module
Developments in British Politics: From Baldwin to Brexit POL3212 Module
Dissertation POL3040 Module
Early Modern Political Thought POL1026 Module
East Asian Regional Order POL3270 Module
East Asian Regional Order POLM090 Module
Economics of Politics POL2046 Module
Electoral Politics POL3171 Module
Elements of Research Design in Politics POLM068 Module
Environmental Policy in Times of Crisis POL3250 Module
Environmental Politics and Policy POL2110 Module
Ethics POL2054 Module
Ethno-Politics: Theoretical Considerations and Case Studies POL3126 Module
EU Democracy Promotion in the Middle East and North Africa POL3127 Module
Europe In The Digital Age POLM142 Module
European Political Integration POLM606 Module
European Union Foreign Policy POL2084 Module
European Union Politics and Policy POLM154 Module
Explaining Public Policies POL2102 Module
Feminist Political Theory POL3217 Module
Food Systems, Alternative Food Networks, and Ethical Consumption POLM016 Module
Forced Migration in International Relations POLM161 Module
Forced Migration, Refugees and International Relations POL3088 Module
Foreign Policy Decision-Making POLM503 Module
Foreign Policy: Leadership, Power and Responsibility POL2052 Module
From "Home Lands" to "Host States": Migration, Displacement and Diaspora in the Middle East POL3224 Module
From Climate Change to Quantum Theory: The Future of International Relations POL2095 Module
From the Shadows into the Light: Political Advisers and Policy Making POL3228 Module
Gender And Comparative Public Policy POL2107 Module
Gender and Militarism in West Africa POL3246 Module
Gender, Militarization & Resistance POL3186B Module
Global Governance: Institutions and Challenges POLM167 Module
Global Justice POLM080 Module
Global Security POLM060 Module
Globalisation and Democratic Politics: The end of the Nation POL3132 Module
Globalisation of World Politics 1 POL1004A Module
Globalization of World Politics POL1017 Module
Governing the Public Sector: Bureaucratic Power and Politics POL2078 Module
Health Politics and Policy in Comparative Perspective POL2025 Module
Integration and Disintegration in the European Union POL2075 Module
Interdisciplinarity in the Public Sphere POLM880DA Module
International Human Rights POL3239 Module
International Political Economy POLM102 Module
International Political Theory POLM087 Module
International Politics of Multi-Ethnic Societies POL3241 Module
International Politics of the Global South POL1045 Module
International Relations in Global History POL3264 Module
International Relations of the Middle East POLM082 Module
International Relations: Power and Institutions POLM502 Module
International Security and US Foreign Policy POL3174 Module
International Security and US Foreign Policy POL3201 Module
Intervention and Statebuilding POLM051 Module
Intervention and Statebuilding POLM051A Module
Introduction to Comparative Politics POL1029 Module
Introduction to Public Policy POL1044 Module
Introduction to Strategic Studies POL1028 Module
Issues in Modern British Politics POL2114 Module
Justice, Democracy and Civil Society POL3153 Module
Knowledge Exchange in the Field POLM153 Module
Latin American Parties, Politics and Elections POL3180 Module
Law, Politics and (Dis)Order POL2118 Module
Law, Politics and Power POL3209 Module
Leadership, Equality and Diversity POLM228M Module
Logics of Explanation in Politics POLM037 Module
Management and Governance: Comparing Public Administration Around The World POLM220M Module
Management and Governance: Comparing Public Administration Around The World POLM002M Module
Managing Public Organisations: Strategy, Finance and Budgeting POLM230 Module
Maritime Power and Security in Global Politics POL3208 Module
Maritime Power And Security In Global Politics POL3265 Module
Markets, Regulation, Europeanization POL3081 Module
Marxism(s) and International Relations POL3248 Module
Mathematics and Programming Skills for Policy Analytics POLM030 Module
Media, Public Opinion and Campaigns POL2049 Module
Money and Policymaking in the United States POL3079 Module
Money, Lobbying and Policymaking POL3274 Module
Money, Lobbying and Policymaking POL3226 Module
MPA Applied Studies POLM014M Module
New Public Management: Principles, Practices, and Prospects POLM007M Module
Nuclear Weapons in International Relations POL3054 Module
Parliamentary Studies POL2113 Module
Party Politics and Democracy POL2104 Module
Policy Analysis for the Real World POL3178 Module
Policy and Politics: the Theory and Strategy of Delivering Public Services POLM003M Module
Policy in Action POL3089 Module
Political Analysis POL2026 Module
Political and Civic Engagement in an Age of Political Disaffection POL3223 Module
Political Conflicts in Europe POL2100 Module
Political Economy of Armed Conflicts POL2116 Module
Political Economy of Food and Agriculture POLM073 Module
Political Engagement in Modern Britain POL2085 Module
Political Islam: Past, Present and Future POL3185 Module
Political Philosophy POL2050 Module
Political Psychology POL3136 Module
Political Psychology and Rational Choice Approaches to International Relations POLM147 Module
Political Representation in the European Union POL3075 Module
Political Representation UK-Style POL3242 Module
Political Theory in Practice POL3142 Module
Political Thought of Modernity: Hegel, Marx and Mill POL2059 Module
Politics and Economy of the Contemporary Middle East POL1023 Module
Politics in Europe POL1020 Module
Politics of Biology POL3247 Module
Politics of Semi-Democratic and Authoritarian Countries POL3184 Module
Politics, Elections, and the State in Africa POL3227 Module
Post-Conflict Human Rights and Transitional Justice POLM152 Module
Power and Democracy POL1019 Module
Public Environmental Politics POL2101 Module
Public Policy and Administration POL2060 Module
Qualitative Methods in Social Research POLM063 Module
Quantitative Data Analysis POLM086 Module
Quantitative Methods in Political Science POL2070 Module
Race, Ethnicity, and Politics POL2072 Module
Realism and International Security POL3207 Module
Religion, Politics and Policy in Europe POL3234 Module
Research and Knowledge Transfer for Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture POLM074 Module
Rising Powers, Peace and Conflict POL2076 Module
Risk, Responsibility and Regulation POLM001M Module
Russian Foreign Policy POL3260 Module
Security Studies POL2057 Module
Sources of Modernity and post-Modernity POLM803 Module
Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics POL3078 Module
State and Society POL1006 Module
State and Society in the Middle East POLM651 Module
State of Britain: Trends, Actors and Agenda-Setting in UK Public Policy POL1001B Module
State-building after Civil War POLM088 Module
Strategic Challenges and Responses in the 21st Century POL3123 Module
Strategic Theory and Contemporary International Conflict POL1027 Module
Strategy and Psychology in Foreign Policy POL2086 Module
Sub-national And Local Governance: A Practice Approach POL3187 Module
The Challenges of World Politics in the Twenty-First Century POL1018 Module
The History of Political Thought 2 POL1016B Module
The Idea of Human Rights POL3262 Module
The International Politics of Religion POL3080 Module
The Logic of Democracies and Dictatorships POL2103 Module
The media in Europe POL3051 Module
The Political Economy of International Trade POL3169 Module
The Political Economy of the State POL3206 Module
The Politics of Democracy in Latin America POL3220 Module
The Politics of Food, Farming and Nature POL3221 Module
The Politics of Humour POL3258 Module
The Politics of Populism: Domestic and Global Challenges POLM155 Module
The Politics of Regulation POL3195 Module
The Politics of Social Justice POL2099 Module
The Politics of the World Economy POL2027 Module
The Refugee Crisis in the Modern World POL3177 Module
The Refugee Crisis in the Modern World POL3046 Module
The State of the UK: Identifying Marginalised Identities and Addressing Inequalities POL1046 Module
The Transformation of Politics in the Global Age POLM156 Module
The West, Civilizations and World Order POLM144 Module
Thinking about Race: Perspectives from the Biological and Social Sciences POL2081 Module
Total War, Total Peace POL2105 Module
Transformations of Social and Political Realities through Smartphones POL2119 Module
Trumping the Mainstream: Populism and democratic politics POL3230 Module
Understanding Civil War POL3225 Module
Understanding Israel and Palestine: Anatomy of Violence POLM170 Module
Understanding Terrorism and Counterterrorism POL3257 Module
Understanding Terrorism and Radicalisation POL3244 Module
US Foreign Policy POLM104 Module
Violence and Conflict in the Middle East POL3252 Module
War and its Aftermath: Interventions and Contemporary Conflict POL3168 Module
War and Peace in the Middle East POL2051 Module
War and Peace in the Middle East POL2038 Module
War and Public Opinion POL3120 Module
War, State and Society POL3233 Module
What is Law? Jurisprudence From Stone Tablet to Brain Imaging POL2098 Module
Women in the Criminal Justice System: Law, Policy and Institutions POL3240 Module
Women in the Criminal Justice System: Law, Policy and Institutions POL3193 Module
Work Based Project POLM881DA Module
Work Placement in Conflict, Security and Development POLM085 Module
Yes Special Adviser: Political Advisers and Policy Making in a Global Perspective POLM160 Module

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