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Name Code Type
Body and Mind PHL2015 Module
Contemporary Ethics PHLM006 Module
Critical Bioethics PHL2035 Module
Critical Bioethics PHL3035 Module
Evidence and Argument PHL1005A Module
Feminist Philosophy PHL3041 Module
Feminist Philosophy PHL2027 Module
Foucault-Discipline and Punish PHL1036 Module
Introduction to Asian Philosophy PHL1010 Module
Introduction to Critical Theory PHL2115-3115-SOC2119-3119 Module
Introduction to Philosophical Analysis PHL1006 Module
Introduction to Philosophical Methods PHLM010 Module
Knowledge and History. Theories of Scientific Change PHL3100 Module
Knowledge and History: Theories of Scientific Change PHL2100 Module
Knowledge and Reality 2 PHL1002B Module
Mind, Body and World PHLM008 Module
Mythologies of Trans Humanism PHL3028A Module
Philosophical Reading 2 PHL1008 Module
Philosophical Readings 3 PHL2024A Module
Philosophical Readings 6 PHL3075 Module
Philosophy of Emotion PHL3110 Module
Philosophy of Emotion PHL2110 Module
Philosophy of Emotion PHL2060 Module
Philosophy of Emotion PHL3060 Module
Philosophy of Film PHL1112 Module
Philosophy of Mind 1 PHL2010A Module
Philosophy of Morality PHL1013 Module
Philosophy of Nature I PHL2011A Module
Philosophy of Science PHL2026 Module
Philosophy of Science PHL3026 Module
Practical Ethics PHL2112_PHL3113 Module
Pragmatism And Its Enemies PHL3010 Module
Sex and Death: Introduction to Philosophy of Biology PHL3018 Module
Social Philosophy PHL2012 Module
The Holocaust and Society PHL3046 Module
The Holocaust, Genocide and Society PHL3046A Module
The Human Condition: Classic Readings in Anthropology PHL3051 Module
The Human Condition: Classic Readings in Anthropology PHL2051 Module
The Self PHL3038 Module
Theories of Liberty PHL3032 Module

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