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Name Code Type
BSc Research Project NSC3001 Module
Experimental Science NSC1004 Module
Foundations in Natural Science NSC1003 Module
Frontiers in Science 1 NSC1005 Module
Frontiers in Science 2 NSC2001 Module
Further Advanced Topics in Chemistry NSCM003 Module
Group Project NSC3003 Module
Macromolecular and Supramolecular Chemistry NSC3007 Module
Mathematical Modelling in Biology and Medicine NSCM005 Module
Mathematics and Computing: Integrative Tools for Natural Sciences NSC1002 Module
Metamaterials: Science, Technology and Applications NSCM004 Module
MSci Research Project 1 NSC3002 Module
MSci Research Project 2 NSCM001 Module
MSci Research Project 2 Extension NSCM002 Module
Physical Chemistry NSC2002 Module

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