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Advanced Topics in Natural Sciences Chemistry I NSCM006 Module
Advanced Topics In Natural Sciences Chemistry II NSCM007 Module
Aerosols, Clouds and Climate NSC3009 Module
Bioimaging NSCM009 Module
BSc Research Project NSC3001 Module
Experimental Science NSC1004 Module
Foundations in Natural Science NSC1003 Module
Frontiers in Science 1 NSC1005 Module
Frontiers in Science 2 NSC2001 Module
Group Project NSC3003 Module
Introduction to Numerics and Simulation for Scientists NSC2003 Module
Macromolecular and Supramolecular Chemistry NSC3007 Module
Mathematical Modelling in Biology and Medicine NSCM005 Module
Mathematics and Computing: Integrative Tools for Natural Sciences NSC1002 Module
Metamaterials: Science, Technology and Applications NSCM004 Module
MSci Research Project 1 NSC3002 Module
MSci Research Project 2 NSCM001 Module
MSci Research Project 2 Extension NSCM002 Module
Physical Chemistry NSC2002 Module
Semester of Science Studies Abroad NSC3004 Module
Symmetry and Statistics of Molecules NSC3008 Module

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