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Acute presentations in practice HPDM064 Module
Advanced Bioinformatics, Interpretation, Statistics and Data Quality Assurance HPDM046 Module
Advanced Clinical Assessment and Decision-Making Skills HPDM133 Module
Analytics and Evidence Based Public Health HPDM119 Module
Applied Data Science CSC3031 Module
Applied Therapeutics HPDM051 Module
Assessing Learning HPDM104 Module
Behaviour Change HPDM123 Module
Bioinformatics, Interpretation and Data Quality Assurance in Genome Analysis HPDM041 Module
Bioinformatics, Interpretation, Statistics and Data Quality Assurance ONLINE HPDM041Z Module
Care of the Older Adult HPDM065 Module
Chemistry of Life CSC1009 Module
Clinical Trials HPDM056 Module
Clinical Trials CSC3008 Module
Coding for Medical Scientists CSC2020 Module
Coding for medical Scientists CRC2020 Module
Cognitive Neuroscience CSC4025 Module
Contemporary Environment and Human Health HPDM027 Module
Core Concepts HPDM100 Module
Core Concepts in Applied Health Services Research HPDM052 Module
Counselling Skills for Genomics HPDM045 Module
Diagnostic Imaging CSC3022 Module
Disease, Diagnostics and Therapeutics CSC2012 Module
Dissertation (Medicine) HPDM000 Module
Dive Medicine HPDM094 Module
Ecological Public Health HPDM032 Module
Education Essentials HPDM105 Module
Environmental Science and Population Health HPDM030 Module
Epidemiology HPDM121 Module
Epigenetics in Human Health and Diseases HPDM049 Module
Ethical Issues in Health Research CSC2017 Module
Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Applied Genomics HPDM044 Module
Expanding Horizons 1 CSC1002 Module
Experimental Design and Statistics CSC2023 Module
Extended Independent Research HPDM091 Module
Extreme Medicine HPDM074 Module
Foundations in Neuroscience CSC2006 Module
From Theory to Practice to Quality HPDM079 Module
Frontiers in Global Health CSC4013 Module
Frontiers of Global Health CSC4013M Module
Fundamental skills for medical scientists CSC1004 Module
Fundamentals in Human Genetics and Genomics HPDM082A Module
Fundamentals of Research Design HPDM092 Module
Genomics of Common and Rare Inherited Diseases HPDM037 Module
Global Public Health and Environmental Change HPDM033 Module
Health Economic Evaluation in Genomics HPDM088 Module
Health Economics HPDM057 Module
Health, Place And Wellbeing CSC2021 Module
Human Enhancement: Possibilities and Perils EMH237 Module
Human Factors - Situational Awareness HPDM102 Module
Humanitarian and Disaster Relief - Practical HPDM071 Module
Humanitarian and Disaster Relief - Theory HPDM070 Module
Immunopathology CSC2008 Module
Implementation Science HPDM026 Module
Independent Research HPDM148 Module
Independent Research Module HPDM134 Module
Independent Research Project HPDM108 Module
Integrated Clinical Science 4 CSC4001 Module
Integrated Clinical Sciences 1 CSC1001 Module
Integrated Clinical Sciences 2 CSC2001 Module
Integrated Human Physiology CSC1005 Module
Introduction to Genetics CSC1007 Module
Introduction to Health Research CSC2007 Module
Introduction To Literature Reviews HPDM095 Module
Introduction to Pharmacology CSC2005 Module
Jungle Medicine HPDM072 Module
Key Approaches to Health Research CSC2022 Module
Leadership in Healthcare HPDM080 Module
Leading change in Health Services HPDM059DA_1S20 Module
Leading Change in Health Services HPDM059 Module
Living with Environmental Change CSC4011M Module
Long-term Conditions Care 1 HPDM062 Module
Long-term conditions care 2 HPDM066 Module
Management in Healthcare HPDM081 Module
Managing Clinical Trials CSC4004 Module
Medical Genetics CSC2004 Module
Medical Genomics CSC3011 Module
Medical Research Evaluation CSC2013 Module
Molecular Pathology of Cancer and Application in Cancer Diagnosis, Screening and Treatment HPDM038 Module
Molecular Pathology of Cancer and Application in Cancer Diagnosis, Screening and Treatment ONLINE HPDM038Z Module
MRI: Integrated Theory & Practice HPDM138 Module
Nature HPDM029 Module
Neural circuits CSC2018 Module
Neurobiological rhythms: a computational approach CSC4027 Module
Neuroendocrinology CSC4023 Module
Neuroimmunology CSC4030 Module
Neuropharmacology CSC2019 Module
Oceans and Human Health CSC2010M Module
Omics Techniques and their Application to Genomic Medicine HPDM036 Module
Pharmacogenomics CSC4005 Module
Pharmacogenomics and Stratified Healthcare HPDM039 Module
Planetary Health HPDM122 Module
Population and Public Health HPDM067 Module
Practice Certificate in Independent Prescribing HPDM147 Module
Principles of Curriculum Design and Evaluation HPDM109 Module
Principles of Good Clinical Practice and Research CSC2003 Module
Principles of Primary Care HPDM127 Module
Principles of Supervision and Mentoring HPDM106 Module
Principles of Supervision, Mentoring and Coaching HPDM142 Module
Professional and Research Skills HPDM048 Module
Professional Training Year CSC3003 Module
Project Design HPDM083 Module
Project Design HPDM083P Module
Psychology Applied to Health CSC4003 Module
Qualitative Methods And Process Evaluations HPDM055 Module
Rational Drug Design CSC3010 Module
Rehabilitation Science CSC4021 Module
Religious Attitudes Towards Early Human Life EMH161 Module
Religious Attitudes Towards Early Human Life PCMDSSUEMH161 Module
Religious Attitudes Towards Early Human Life HUMPCMDSSUEMH161 Module
Research for Advanced Clinical Practice (Literature) HPDM131 Module
Research Methods for Practice HPDM034 Module
Researching Clinical Education HPDM061 Module
Skills for Patient-centred Care HPDM063 Module
Special Environment - Mountain HPDM073 Module
Special Environment - Ocean HPDM085 Module
Special Environment – Desert HPDM086 Module
Special Environment – Winter Alpine HPDM077 Module
Statistics as Applied to Health HPDM054 Module
Structuring and Solving Public Health Problems HPDM118 Module
Summative Assessment 2 HPDM0234 Module
Systematic Reviews for Policy and Practice HPDM093 Module
Teaching in a Digital World HPDM110 Module
Teaching Practitioner HPDM103 Module
Workbased Learning HPDM047 Module
Year 1.01 Conception MDCYEAR101CONCEPTION Module
Year 1.02 Fetal MDCYEAR102FETAL Module
Year 1.03 Infancy MDCYEAR103INFANCY Module
Year 1.04 Childhood MDCYEAR104CHILDHOOD Module
Year 1.05 Adolescence MDCYEAR105ADOLESCENCE Module
Year 1.06 Young Adult MDCYEAR106YOUNGADULT Module
Year 1.07 Maturity 1 MDCYEAR107MATURITY1 Module
Year 1.08 Maturity 2 MDCYEAR108MATURITY2 Module
Year 1.09 Old Age 1 MDCYEAR109OLDAGE1 Module

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