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Name Code Type
Assessing Learning HPDM104 Module
Clinical Immersion 1 NUR1000 Module
Clinical Trials HPDM056 Module
Coding for medical Scientists CRC2020 Module
Contemporary Environment and Human Health HPDM027 Module
Core Concepts in Applied Health Services Research HPDM052 Module
Core Values and Complexity in Nursing NUR1100 Module
Ecological Public Health HPDM032 Module
Education Essentials HPDM105 Module
Environmental Science and Population Health HPDM030 Module
Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Applied Genomics HPDM044 Module
Expanding Horizons 1 CSC1002 Module
Exploring Evidence and Uncertainty in Nursing NUR2100 Module
Foundations in Neuroscience CSC2006 Module
Frontiers in Global Health CSC4013 Module
Fundamental skills for medical scientists CSC1004 Module
Global Public Health and Environmental Change HPDM033 Module
Health, Place And Wellbeing CSC2021 Module
Human Enhancement: Possibilities and Perils EMH237 Module
Implementation Science HPDM026 Module
Independent Research Project HPDM108 Module
Integrated Clinical Science 4 CSC4001 Module
Integrated Clinical Sciences 1 CSC1001 Module
Integrated Clinical Sciences 2 CSC2001 Module
Leadership in Healthcare HPDM080 Module
Management in Healthcare HPDM081 Module
Managing Clinical Trials CSC4004 Module
Medical Genetics CSC2004 Module
Medical Research Evaluation CSC2013 Module
Neuropharmacology CSC2019 Module
Principles of Curriculum Design and Evaluation HPDM109 Module
Principles of Good Clinical Practice and Research CSC2003 Module
Principles of Supervision and Mentoring HPDM106 Module
Professional and Research Skills HPDM048 Module
Project Design HPDM083 Module
Qualitative Methods And Process Evaluations HPDM055 Module
Religious Attitudes Towards Early Human Life EMH161 Module
Religious Attitudes Towards Early Human Life PCMDSSUEMH161 Module
Religious Attitudes Towards Early Human Life HUMPCMDSSUEMH161 Module
Research Methods for Practice HPDM034 Module
Researching Clinical Education HPDM061 Module
Statistics as Applied to Health HPDM054 Module
Summative Assessment 2 HPDM0234 Module
Teaching in a Digital World HPDM110 Module
Teaching Practitioner HPDM103 Module
Workbased Learning HPDM047 Module
Year 1.01 Conception MDCYEAR101CONCEPTION Module
Year 1.02 Fetal MDCYEAR102FETAL Module
Year 1.03 Infancy MDCYEAR103INFANCY Module
Year 1.04 Childhood MDCYEAR104CHILDHOOD Module
Year 1.05 Adolescence MDCYEAR105ADOLESCENCE Module
Year 1.06 Young Adult MDCYEAR106YOUNGADULT Module
Year 1.07 Maturity 1 MDCYEAR107MATURITY1 Module
Year 1.08 Maturity 2 MDCYEAR108MATURITY2 Module
Year 1.09 Old Age 1 MDCYEAR109OLDAGE1 Module

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