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Anatomy and Physiology PAM1011 Module
Anatomy and Physiology for Radiographers PAM1019 Module
Appendicular Skeletal Reporting PAMM102 Module
Applied Radiographic Knowledge 1 RAD1001DA Module
Applied Radiographic Knowledge 2 RAD2001DA Module
Applied Radiographic Knowledge 3 RAD3001DA Module
Axial Skeletal Reporting PAMM103 Module
Clinical imaging 1 PAM1017 Module
Clinical Imaging 2 PAM2003 Module
Clinical Imaging 3 PAM2004 Module
Clinical Imaging 4 PAM3013 Module
Digital Image Processing for Radiographers PAM3012 Module
Foundations of Patient Care PAM1018 Module
Foundations of Patient Care PAM1009 Module
Fundamentals of Radiographic Practice PAM1020 Module
Introduction to Radiation Physics PAM1014 Module
Medical Imaging Applications PAM2013 Module
Musculoskeletal Pathology PAMM101 Module
Pathology for Radiographers PAM2012 Module
Placement for Health Science PAM3014 Module
Practical Placement 2 PAM2006 Module
Practice Foundations 1 RAD1003DA Module
Practice Foundations 2 RAD2003DA Module
Practice Foundations 3 RAD3003DA Module
Practice Placement 1 PAM1007 Module
Practice Placement 1 RAD1004DA Module
Practice Placement 2 RAD2004DA Module
Practice Placement 3 PAM3005 Module
Practice Placement 3 RAD3004DA Module
Practice Placement End Point Assessment RAD3005DA Module
Principles and Applications PAM2901 Module
Principles of Advanced Clinical Practice HPDM128 Module
Professional Practice (M) RADM102DA Module
Professional Practice 1 RAD1002DA Module
Professional Practice 2 RAD2002DA Module
Professional Practice 3 RAD3002DA Module
Professional Skills for Radiographers PAM3015 Module
Project Studies 1 PAM2005 Module
Project Studies 2 PAM3004 Module
Radiographic Anatomy PAM1015 Module
Research and Evidence Based Professional Practice PAM1016 Module
Science for Medical Imaging PAM2011 Module
Skeletal Image Interpretation PAM3006 Module

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