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Name Code Type
Advanced Calculus ECM1705 Module
Advanced Calculus ECM1905 Module
Advanced Probability Theory ECMM742 Module
Advanced Statistical Modelling ECM3904 Module
Advanced Statistical Modelling ECM3712 Module
Advanced topics in Statistics MTHM017 Module
Algebra MTH2002 Module
Algebraic Curves ECMM729U Module
Algebraic Curves ECMM729 Module
Algebraic Number Theory ECMM728 Module
Algebraic Number Theory ECMM728U Module
Algebraic Structures ECM2705 Module
Ambassadors for Science EMP2001 Module
Analysis MTH2001 Module
Analysis ECM2701 Module
Analysis and Computation for Finance ECMM703 Module
Analytic Number Theory ECMM741 Module
Applications of Geometry and Topology ECM3732 Module
Bayesian statistics, Philosophy and Practice ECM3741 Module
Calculus and Geometry ECM1702 Module
Calculus and Geometry ECM1901 Module
Combinatorics ECM3721 Module
Complex Analysis ECM3703 Module
Computation and Numerical Analysis ECMM712 Module
Computational Finance with C++ ECMM738 Module
Computational Modelling ECM2904 Module
Computational Nonlinear Dynamics ECM3739 Module
Cryptography MTH3026 Module
Data, Signals and Systems ECM2906 Module
Differential Equations ECM2702 Module
Differential Equations MTH2003 Module
Dynamical Systems and Chaos ECMM718 Module
Dynamical Systems and Chaos ECMM718P Module
Dynamical Systems And Control ECM3907 Module
Dynamics ECM1906 Module
Dynamics ECM1708 Module
Dynamics and Evolution of Biological Systems ECMM722 Module
Fluid Dynamics ECM3707 Module
Fluid Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans ECMM719P Module
Fluid Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans ECMM719 Module
Fluid Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans ECMM719U Module
Foundations MTH1000 Module
Fractal Geometry MTHM004 Module
Functional Analysis MTHM001 Module
Fundamentals of Interdisciplinary Mathematics and Mathematics of the Environment ECM1911 Module
Fundamentals of Interdisciplinary Mathematics I ECM1903 Module
Galois Theory ECM3738 Module
Galois Theory MTH3038 Module
Graphs, Networks and Algorithms ECM3722 Module
Groups, Rings and Fields ECM2711 Module
Integral Equations MTH3042 Module
Introduction to C++ ECMM737 Module
Linear Algebra ECM2902 Module
Linear Algebra ECM2712 Module
Logic, Models And Sets ECMM743 Module
Magnetic Fields and Fluid Flows ECMM731 Module
Mathematical Analysis of Biological Systems ECMM724 Module
Mathematical Biology and Ecology ECM3706 Module
Mathematical Investigations ECM1704 Module
Mathematical Modelling MTH1003 Module
Mathematical Models MTH1002 Module
Mathematical Sciences Project III ECMM705 Module
Mathematical Structures MTH1001 Module
Mathematical Theory of Option Pricing ECMM706 Module
Mathematics Biology and Ecology ECM3905 Module
Mathematics of Climate Change ECM3730 Module
Mathematics: History and Culture ECM3719 Module
Methods for Stochastics and Finance ECMM702 Module
Modelling the Weather and Climate ECMM723 Module
Modelling: Theory and Practice MTH2005 Module
Modern Algebra ECM3731 Module
Nonlinear Systems and Control ECM3711 Module
Number Theory MTH3004 Module
Number Theory ECM3704 Module
Numbers, Symmetries and Groups ECM1706 Module
Numerical Finance ECMM739 Module
Numerics and Optimisation ECM2704 Module
Partial Differential Equations ECM3908 Module
Partial Differential Equations ECM3708 Module
Probability and Discrete Mathematics ECM1707 Module
Probability and Statistics ECM1909 Module
Probability, Statistics and Data MTH1004 Module
Professional Experience EMP3003 Module
Programming for Mathematics ECM1709 Module
Research in Mathematical Sciences ECM3736 Module
Research in Mathematical Sciences ECMM736 Module
Scientific Programming ECM1904 Module
Space Weather and Plasmas MTHM045 Module
Statistical Ecology ECM3906 Module
Statistical Inference ECM3728 Module
Statistical Modelling ECM2903 Module
Statistical Modelling ECM2710 Module
Statistical Modelling and Inference MTH2006 Module
Statistical Modelling in Space and Time ECMM733 Module
Statistics ECM2709 Module
Stochastic Processes ECM3724 Module
Stochastic Processes ECMM450 Module
Systems and Transforms ECM2905 Module
Systems, Series and Transforms ECM2707 Module
The Climate System ECMM725 Module
Theory of Weather and Climate MTH3001 Module
Topology and Metric Spaces MTH3040 Module
Topology and Metric Spaces ECM3740 Module
Vector Calculus and Applications MTH2004 Module
Vector Calculus and Applications ECM2908 Module
Vector Calculus and Applications ECM2706 Module
Vectors and Matrices ECM1902 Module
Vectors and Matrices ECM1701 Module
Waves, Instabilities and Turbulence ECMM730 Module

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