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Accounting for Managerial Decision-Making? BEAM081Z Module
Accounting, Accounts and Accountability: examining its everyday use BEAM068 Module
Achieving Enduring Success MBAM960 Module
Advanced Marketing Seminars BEMM103 Module
Advanced Research Methods and Analysis BEMM216 Module
Advances in International Business and Management BEM3068 Module
Advertising & Consumer Psychology BEMM157 Module
Analytics And Visualization For Managers And Consultants BEMM461J Module
Analytics And Visualization For Managers And Consultants BEMM461 Module
Applied Tourism Project Skills BEMM475 Module
BEMM222: Agile Innovation BEMM222 Module
Brand Communication BEMM113 Module
Brand Design BEMM128Z4 Module
Brand Design BEMM128Z1 Module
Brand Design BEMM128 Module
Brands and Branding BEM2033 Module
Business Analysis 1 ECM3434 Module
Business Analytics and Research Skills BEMM389 Module
Business and Climate Change BEM3056 Module
Business and Management Research Design BEMM067 Module
Business and Management Research Skills BEMM158 Module
Business and Society BEM1018 Module
Business and Tourism BEM1013 Module
Business Finance BEM3015DA Module
Business Ignition - Idea to Implementation BEM3061 Module
Business Law and Mitigating Risk BEMM386 Module
Business Project BEMM149 Module
Business Project BEMM466 Module
Children and Youth Markets: A Psychological Perspective BEM3020 Module
Circular Economy Business and Enterprise BEM3059 Module
Co-operative Enterprise BEM3038 Module
Coding Analytics For Accountants BEAM067 Module
Comparative HRM in Context BEMM470 Module
Consumer and Market Analysis BEM2044 Module
Consumer Behaviour BEM2016 Module
Consumer Research BEM2028 Module
Consumption, Markets and Culture BEMM110 Module
Consumption, Markets and Culture BEMM164 Module
Contemporary Leadership Issues BEM3047 Module
Could You Be an Entrepreneur? BEM2010 Module
Critical Perspectives on Leadership BEMM758 Module
Current Issues in International Business BEMM383 Module
Database Technologies for Business Analytics BEMM459 Module
Derivative Pricing BEMM637 Module
Design Management and Marketing BEM3039 Module
Designing a Better Future for All MBAM961 Module
Destination Marketing and Management BEM3036 Module
Developing Leadership Behaviours BEMM118DA Module
Digital Business and New Technology BEM3016DA_1CS20 Module
Digital Business Models BEMM129Z3 Module
Digital Business Models BEMM129 Module
Digital Marketing BEM3044 Module
Digital Marketing & Communications MBAM965 Module
Digital Marketing Strategy BEMM177Z3 Module
Digital Marketing Strategy BEMM177Z6 Module
Digital Marketing Strategy BEMM177 Module
Digital Marketing: Theory, Culture and Practice BEMM775 Module
Digital Marketing: Theory, Culture And Practice BEM3054 Module
Digital Technologies and the Future of Work BEM2034 Module
Discovering Management BEM1023 Module
Dissertation in Marketing BEMM250 Module
Dissertations in Management BEMM251 Module
Employment Law BEMM046 Module
Employment Law for Managers BEM3057 Module
Employment Relations BEMM045J Module
Employment Relations BEMM045 Module
Entrepreneur Business Startup BEMM385 Module
Entrepreneurial Practice BEMM221 Module
Entrepreneurship BEMM108Z2 Module
Entrepreneurship BEMM108Z Module
Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation BEMM394 Module
Entrepreneurship: New Venture Development BEMM108 Module
Environmental Analytics BEMM465 Module
Environmental Economics ENVIRONMENTAL_ECONOMICS Module
Ethics and Organisations BEM3009 Module
Ethics and Responsible Innovation BEM3055 Module
Events Management BEMM380 Module
Events Management BEM2023 Module
Events Management BEM3018 Module
Finance and Society BEM3045 Module
Fundamentals of Marketing BEM2013 Module
Fundamentals of Marketing BEM1019 Module
Funding, Accounting and Finance BEMM224 Module
Future Trends for International Management BEMM171 Module
Global Career Management: Theory and Practice BEMM170 Module
Hospitality Resources Management BEMM767 Module
Hospitality Service Management BEMM772 Module
HR Skills BEMM048 Module
HR Strategy and Context BEMM124DA2SPP21 Module
HR strategy in context BEMM124DA Module
Human Resource Development BEMM044J Module
Human Resource Development (HRD) BEMM044 Module
Human Resource Management BEM2021 Module
Human Resource Management in Context BEMM043 Module
Impactful Entrepreneurship BEM1026_BEM1026A Module
Improving Service Operations BEMM774 Module
Independent Study BEMM006 Module
Information Systems BEM2027 Module
Innovation In The Fourth Industrial Revolution BEM1020 Module
Innovation Management BEM3058 Module
Innovation Management BEMM178 Module
Integrated Marketing Communications BEMM166Z6 Module
Integrated Marketing Communications BEMM166 Module
Integrated Marketing Communications BEMM166Z3 Module
International Business BEM2026 Module
International Business BEMM102 Module
International business and globalisation BEMM490Z Module
International Business History BEM3030 Module
International Financial Management BEMM135 Module
International HRM in Practice BEMM472 Module
International Human Resource Management BEMM059 Module
International Management and Globalisation BEM2018 Module
International Operations Management BEMM173 Module
International Tourism Management BEM2017 Module
Introduction to Business Analytics BEM2031 Module
Introduction to Business and Management BEM1028 Module
Introduction To Leadership Studies BEM1022 Module
Leadership and Global Challenges BEMM071 Module
Leadership and Teams BEM1021 Module
Leadership in Dynamic Environments BEM3013DA3 Module
Leadership: Challenges and Practice BEM2037 Module
Leading and Managing People BEM2014DA_1CS20 Module
Leading Change in Practice BEM3048 Module
Leading in International Contexts BEM2035 Module
Leading, Managing and Developing People BEMM041 Module
Macro-Level Organisation Theory BEMM217 Module
Macroeconomics for International Business BEMM112 Module
Management of Information Systems BEM3015 Module
Management Research Report BEMM057 Module
Managing Change and Crisis in Organisations BEM3052 Module
Managing Change in Organisations BEMM220 Module
Managing Competitive Strategy BEMM068J Module
Managing Competitive Strategy BEMM068 Module
Managing Entrepreneurially BEM3060 Module
Managing Human Resources: Advanced Issues BEM3046 Module
Managing in a Multinational Context BEMM160 Module
Managing Operations BEMM114 Module
Managing Performance BEMM115DA Module
Managing project and programmes of projects BEMM163 Module
Managing the Tourism Environment BEM2012 Module
Marketing Analysis & Research BEMM115 Module
Marketing Analysis and Research BEMM115Z5 Module
Marketing Analysis And Research BEMM115Z2 Module
Marketing Analytics BEM2041 Module
Marketing Analytics BEMM463J Module
Marketing and New Product Innovation BEMM069 Module
Marketing and Society BEM1015 Module
Marketing and Society BEM2022 Module
Marketing Communications: Strategies and Applications BEM2025 Module
Marketing Dissertation BEMM250Z2 Module
Marketing Dissertation BEMM250Z3 Module
Marketing Dissertation BEMM250Z6 Module
Marketing Dissertation BEMM250Z4 Module
Marketing Dissertation BEMM250Z5 Module
Marketing for Management BEMM455 Module
Marketing Management and Strategy BEM3041 Module
Marketing Strategy BEMM148Z4 Module
Marketing Strategy BEMM148Z1 Module
Marketing Strategy BEMM148 Module
Marketing Strategy (MASTER) MSCM-BEMM148 Module
Marketing Theory BEMM122 Module
Masters Dissertation (HRM) BEMM056 Module
Methods and Techniques for Independent Research BEMM365 Module
Micro-level Organisation Theory BEMM219 Module
Operational and Organisational Strategy BEM2011DA Module
Operations Analytics BEMM462J Module
Operations Analytics BEMM462 Module
Operations And Project Management BEMM223 Module
Operations Management BEM2007 Module
Organisation And Talent Management BEMM225 Module
Organisation Management & Leadership BEMM456 Module
Organisational Behaviour BEM2020 Module
Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource BEM2004 Module
Organisational Development BEM3051 Module
People and Organisations BEMM121 Module
People Management BEMM388 Module
Principles of International Business BEMM116 Module
Principles of International Business BEMM116Z1 Module
Principles of International Business BEMM116Z4 Module
Programming for Business Analytics BEM1025 Module
Project Management and Decision Making BEM2012DA Module
Psychological Aspects of Consumption BEM3040 Module
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management BEMM126 Module
Purchasing and Supply Management BEM3022 Module
Qualitative Research Methods BEMM066 Module
Quantative Techniques in Research BEMM379 Module
Quantitative Research Methods BEMM065 Module
Research and Analysis Skills for Business Research BEMM175 Module
Research and Analysis Skills for Business Research BEMM175Z1 Module
Research and Consultancy Project BEMM771 Module
Research Methods BEMM049 Module
Research Skills BEMM175Z4 Module
Research Skills for Business Research BEMM175Z3 Module
Research Skills for Business Research BEMM175Z5 Module
Research Skills for Business Research BEMM175Z2 Module
Resourcing and Talent Management BEMM042 Module
Service Innovation and Marketing BEMM070 Module
Statistics and Mathematics for Business Analytics BEMM460 Module
Statistics for Business BEM1024 Module
Statistics for Business BEMM1024 Module
Strategic and HR Analytics BEMM464 Module
Strategic Innovation Management BEMM118J Module
Strategic Innovation Management BEMM118 Module
Strategic Management BEM3033 Module
Strategic Management BEM3033A Module
Strategic Sales Management MBAM966 Module
Strategic Sales Management MBAM966B Module
Strategy BEMM119 Module
Strategy For International Management BEMM172Z2 Module
Strategy for International Managers BEMM172 Module
Strategy for International Managers BEMM172J Module
Sustainability, CSR and Business Ethics BEMM391 Module
Sustainable Enterprise Economy BEMM161 Module
Sustainable Tourism Management BEMM375 Module
Talent in Organisations BEMM473 Module
Technology, Markets and Society BEMM020 Module
The Business of Climate Change BEM3016 Module
The Business of Events: Perspectives from Global Sporting Spectacles BEM3042 Module
The Creative Organisation BEMM162 Module
The International Business Context BEM1027 Module
Theory and Practice of Management BEM1016A Module
Theory and Practice of Management BEM1016 Module
Thinking Entrepreneurially BEM2036 Module
Third Sector Business: Co-operatives BEM2019 Module
Topics in Business Analytics BEMM457 Module
Tourism and Marketing BEMM374Z6 Module
Tourism and Marketing BEMM374Z3 Module
Tourism Business: Management, Impacts And Evaluation BEMM381 Module
Tourism Dissertation BEMM349 Module
Tourism Dissertation BEMM474 Module
Tourism Marketing BEMM374 Module
Tourism Research Dissertation BEM3028 Module
Tourism Research Methods BEMM476 Module
Tourism Research Methods and Techniques BEM3032 Module
Tourism Sector Dynamics BEMM370 Module
Tourist Behaviour: Theory and Practice BEMM371 Module
Understanding Consumer Behaviour BEMM120 Module
Understanding Consumer Behaviour BEMM120Z2 Module
Understanding Consumer Behaviour BEMM120Z5 Module
Understanding Our World MBAM953 Module
Understanding Our World MBAM964 Module
Work Based Learning – Transformation and Final Project BEM3014DA3 Module

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