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American Slavery Since Abolition HIC2006 Module
Art And Archaeology In Post-colonial Nations HIC2028 Module
Britain and the Telecommunications Revolution HIC3300 Module
British Imperialism in the Middle East, 1882-1956 HIC2300 Module
Celtic Politics since 1880: 4 Celtic Nations HIC3508 Module
Early Modern History 1500-1700: A Social History HIC2323 Module
European History: politics and society since 1500 HIC1009 Module
Everyday Life in Modern Cornwall HIC2029 Module
Everyday Stalinism HIC3312 Module
Feeling Bodies: Emotions In Early Modern Literature And Culture, 1500-1700 HUC3015 Module
Foundations in European History HIC1008 Module
Gender, Power and Identity in Early Modern England HIC3313 Module
General Third Year Dissertation HIC3040 Module
Germany 1500-present: A Cultural History HIC2334 Module
Guerrillas and Counterinsurgency since 1900 HIC3211 Module
Indigenous History, Colonialism and Identity in Western Canada HIC3311 Module
Interdisciplinary Final-Year Dissertation CEH3040_CHP3040_CHP3042_HIC3040 Module
Organised Crime in USA HIC2324 Module
Past Actions Present Woes: History and Anthropogenic Climate Change HIC2315 Module
People's History: Sources and Skills HIC1007 Module
Public History HIC1200 Module
Public History Research HIC2200 Module
Regionalism, Localism, and Ideas of Home in Modern European History HIC3310 Module
Rule, Britannia? Politics and Political Thought in Britain and Ireland from the Glorious Revolution to Peterloo HUC2016 Module
The First World War: Interrogating the Myths HIC3301 Module
The Occult in Victorian Britain HIC2316 Module
The Politics of Nature: Sustaining the British Environment 1600 to the Present HIC3307 Module
The Three Klans: Ethno-Politics in the 19th and 20th Century US HIC3303 Module
Voices of the British Working Class HUC2017 Module
World History: Globalisation HIC1306 Module

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