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A Culture of Violence? Violence and Conflict in South African History, 1880-present: Context & Sources HIH3031 Module
A History of Children and Childhood in Modern Europe HIH1022 Module
A History of Epidemics from the Plague to Zika HIH1027 Module
A New Jerusalem? Being Protestant in Post-Reformation England: Sources HIH3206 Module
A New Jerusalem? Being Protestant in Post-Reformation England: Sources HIH3207 Module
Albion’s Fatal Tree: Capital Punishment in England, 1688–1965 HIH2036A Module
American Frontiers: The West in U.S. History and Mythology HIH2037 Module
American Slavery Since Abolition HIC2006 Module
Approaches to history HIH1401 Module
Britain and the Telecommunications Revolution HIC3300 Module
Britain in an Age of Revolution, 1775-1832 HIH3042 Module
Britain in an Age of Revolution: War, Society, and Culture, 1789-1815 HIH3036 Module
Britain, America and the Global Order, 1846 - 1946 HIH1402 Module
British Imperialism in the Middle East, 1882-1956 HIC2300 Module
China's Intellectual Elites - Ideas and Networks 1860s-1960s HIH3021 Module
Churchill and the Empire, 1874-1965 HIH3255 Module
Civilization and Disease: Health, Medicine and the Environment, 1750-2000 HIH3100 Module
Consumer Revolution? Food, Things and Fashion in England 1500-1800: Sources HIH3597 Module
Crime and Society in England, 1500-1800 HIH2203A Module
Critical Approaches to Maritime and Naval History HISM002 Module
Deviants and Dissenters in Early Modern England HIH2186A Module
Doing History: Perspectives on Sources HIH2001 Module
Drawing Lines in the Sand: Britain and the Creation of the Modern Middle East, 1882-1923 HIC2319 Module
Early Modern History 1500-1700: A Social History HIC2323 Module
Early Modern Venice: Representations and Myths HIH1586 Module
Electoral Politics in Britain, c.1900-1964: HIH3310 Module
English Radical Politics 2: 1760 - Present HIC2314 Module
Europe, 1650-1800 HIH2032A Module
Everyday Stalinism HIC3312 Module
Forgetting Fascism Remembering Communism: Memory in Modern Europe HIH3549 Module
Foundations in European History HIC1008 Module
From Bound Feet to 'Half the Sky': Women and Modern China HIH1024 Module
Gender and Citizenship in Britain Since 1866 HIH2212A Module
Gender, Power and Identity in Early Modern England HIC3313 Module
Global and Imperial History ISSM007 Module
Governing the World: A History of Internationalism from WW1 to the Present HIH3314-3315 Module
Guerrillas and Counterinsurgency since 1900 HIC3211 Module
he Habsburg Monarchy of Austria-Hungary 1867-1918 HIH1609 Module
History Foundation HIC1000 Module
History Foundation Course HIH1000 Module
History of Science in Society HIH2207B Module
Images of Stalinism HIH1600 Module
Islam and the Making of Medieval Europe, c.600-1300 HIH2200A Module
Ladies of the Night : Prostitution in the Victorian World HIH1585 Module
Landscape History: Power and Protest c. 1500 to c.1800 HIC2328 Module
Literature, Culture, and Politics in Early Modern England HIH3624 Module
Literature, Culture, and Politics in Early Modern England HIH3625 Module
Magic and Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe HIH1542 Module
Magic in the Middle Ages HIH3266 Module
Magic in the Middle Ages HIH3267 Module
Making History HIH1400 Module
Medieval Paris HIH2208B Module
Medieval Paris HIH2176 Module
Murder in Early Modern England HIH1042 Module
News, Media and Communication HIH3617 Module
Organised Crime in USA HIC2324 Module
Origins of the First World War HIH3148 Module
Past Actions Present Woes: History and Anthropogenic Climate Change HIC2315 Module
Pasts and Presents: British Historical Culture, 1688-1900 HUC3010 Module
People's History I HIC1600 Module
People's History II HIC1601 Module
People's History: Sources and Skills HIC1007 Module
Politics and the Arts in France in the Age of the Black Death HIH3612 Module
Popular Rebellion in England 1381-1549 HIH3502 Module
Power Talk: Anglo-American Political Rhetoric since 1940 HIH3506 Module
Public History HIC1200 Module
Race and Immigration in Britain Since World War II HIH1008 Module
Re-inventing the 'Indian': Indigenous History in Western Canada from Contact to Today HIC3311 Module
Reforging the Union: The Reconstruction Era in American History, 1865-1877 HIH1547 Module
Reform, Reaction and Revolution: Tsarist Russia 1689-1917 HIH2008 Module
Regionalism, Localism, and Ideas of Home in Modern European History HIC3310 Module
Religion, Society and Culture in Tudor England, c.1485-1603 HIH2218A-2218B Module
Renaissance Florence 1350-1550 HIH1612 Module
Restoration London: Plague, Fire and History HIH1525 Module
Sexualities HIH3619 Module
Sexuality in C19th and C20th Britain HIH2202A Module
Sexuality in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Britain HIH3595 Module
Soldiers in the Twentieth Century: A Global History HISM029 Module
Stuart England HIH2108A Module
The 'Savage Continent' ? Everyday Violence in 1940s Europe HIH2018A Module
The Age of Superman: The Masculine Ideal under Fascism and Socialism 1932-45 HIH1601 Module
The Body In Early Modern England HIH3132 Module
The Body in Eighteenth-Century Britain HIH1014 Module
The Cultures of the Sciences from the Renaissance to the French Revolution HIC2317 Module
The First Crisade HIH1505 Module
The First World War: Interrogating the Myths HIC3301 Module
The History of the British Conservative Party in the 20th Century HIH2183A Module
The Occult in Victorian Britain HIC2316 Module
The Opium War: Britain and the Birth of Modern China, 1839-1842 HIH1406 Module
The Politics of Nature: Sustaining the British Environment 1600 to the Present HIC3307 Module
The Russian Revolution : Context HIH3258 Module
The Russian Revolution : Sources HIH3257 Module
The Transatlantic Slave Trade: Origins, Development and Impact HIH1038 Module
The Two Island Empires: Anglo-Japanese encounters, 1600-2000 HIH1606 Module
The Viking Phenomenon HIH1501 Module
The Yes, Minister Files: Perspectives on British Government since 1914 HIH3217 Module
The Yes, Minister Files: Perspectives on British Government since 1914 HIH3216 Module
Them and Us: Imagining the Social "Other" in Britain since the 1880s HIH3057 Module
Theory and Practice of History II HISM170 Module
Understanding the Medieval and Early Modern Worlds HIH1410 Module
Understanding the modern world HIH1420 Module
Uses of the Past HIH2002 Module
World History 1: Globalisation HIC1300 Module
World History 2: Science, Environment and Sustainability HIC1305 Module
World History: Globalisation HIC1306 Module

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