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'Reader, I Married Him': The Evolution of Romance Fiction from 1740 to the Present EAS3225 Module
Academic English EAS1040 Module
Acts of Writing : Literature and Film, 1953 - present EAS3145 Module
Acts of Writing: From Decolonisation to Globalisation EAS3195 Module
Adaptation: Text, Image, Culture EAF2510 Module
Advanced Critical Theory EAS3131 Module
African Narratives EAS3190 Module
After Elizabeth: Literature and Culture in England, 1600-1625 EAS3123 Module
After Homer: Poetry, Fiction, Film EAS3183 Module
Against the Mainstream: Alternative Comics, Politics, and US Society EAS3248 Module
American Independent Film EAF3501-EAS3133 Module
American Independent Film EAF3501 Module
American Modern EAS3235 Module
Approaches to Criticism EAS1032 Module
Approaches to Drama and Performance TRU1912 Module
Approaches to Fiction and Narrative TRU1911 Module
Approaches to Poetry TRU1910 Module
Archival Encounters: Material Film Histories EAFM089 Module
Beyond Sex and the City: Becoming a Woman in Contemporary Western Cinema EAF3508 Module
Beyond the Border EASM153 Module
Bodies Politic: Cultural and Sexual Politics in England, 1603-1679 EASM109 Module
British Cultures EAS2033_EAS2034 Module
British Screens EAF3513 Module
Business of Creativity and Value Capture EAFM004 Module
Charles Dickens: Novelist, Journalist and Reformer EAS3196 Module
Chaucer and His Contemporaries EAS2071 Module
Cinema and Desire, 1930 to the present TRU3912 Module
Cinematic Flows between East Asia and Hollywood EAF3512 Module
Cinescapes: Time, Space and Identity EAF2508 Module
Citizens of the World EAS3234 Module
Communications Challenges CMM1002 Module
Contemporary Literature and Culture: Politics HUC3044 Module
Craft of Writing HUC1002 Module
Creative Challenges: Organisational, Social and Cognitive Aspects EAFM005 Module
Creative industries: their past our future EAS2089 Module
Creative Management of People and Organisations EAFM003 Module
Creative Writing: Building a Story EAS2031 Module
Crime and Punishment: Detective Fiction from the Rue Morgue to the Millennium EAS3217 Module
Critical Practice EAS1033 Module
Critical Reflections EAS1043 Module
Critical Theory TRU1103 Module
Criticism and Theory: Critical and Literary Theory in a Global Context EASM152 Module
Criticism and Theory: Current Debates EASM106 Module
Crossing the Water: Transatlantic Literary Relations EAS2104 Module
Culture, Crisis and Ecology in a Postcolonial World EAS2113 Module
Cultures of Neuroscience EAS3239 Module
Decadence and the Birth of Modernism TRU3038 Module
Desire and Power: English Literature 1570-1640 EAS2026 Module
Dickens and the Condition of England EAS3165 Module
Distribution and Markets EAFM200 Module
Empire of Liberty: American Literature, 1776 to Present EAS2112 Module
Empire, Decadence and Modernity: Literature 1870-1910 EASM150 Module
Encounters with the Unknown in Early Modern Literature TRU2908 Module
English Literature Before 1800 EAS1035 Module
English, Film Studies, and Creative Film Dissertation EAS3003_EAF3514_EAF3516 Module
Enlightenment and the Age of Reason: Politics, Philosophy, Society HUC2013 Module
Environmental Humanities: Cultures, Theories, and Methods EASM170 Module
European Cinemas: Art, Industry, Entertainment EAF2512 Module
European Film Noire EAF2509 Module
Extreme States TRU3047 Module
Feeling Bodies: Emotions in Early Modern Literature and Culture, 1500-1700 TRU3910 Module
Female Screens: Representation, Agency and Authorship EAF3106 Module
Film Methodologies I: Style and Image EASM137 Module
Film Studies: An Introduction EAS1034 Module
Finding a Voice TRU2914 Module
Food and Literature in Early Modern England EAS3246 Module
Foundations TRU1101 Module
From Comics to Graphic Novels EAS3242 Module
From Orientalism to Globalization: Debates in Postcolonial Studies EASM128 Module
From Romanticism to Decadence TRU2010 Module
Game On EASM183 Module
Global Communications CMM1003 Module
Hardy and Women Who Did EAS3100 Module
Harlem and After: African American Literature 1925- present EAS3241 Module
Hearing Film: Film Sound and Music EAFM081 Module
Heroes and Exiles: English Poetry of the Age of Beowulf EAS3152 Module
Humanities after the Human: Further Adventures in Critical Theory EAS2090 Module
Humanities in the Workplace HUC2001 Module
Ideas, Generation, the Creation Process and Value Chain Models EAFM002 Module
Image, Shape and Music EASM144 Module
Imagine This: Prompts for Creative Writing EAS1044 Module
Imperial Encounters: The Victorians and their World EAS3141 Module
India Uncovered - Representations in Film and Fiction EAS3177 Module
Induction TRU1907 Module
Interrogating Screens EAF1506 Module
Introduction to American Literature EAS2074 Module
Introduction to Creative Writing EAS1031 Module
Introduction to Film Analysis EAF1503 Module
Introduction to Film History EAF1504 Module
Inventing the Body TRU3036 Module
Inventing the Early Modern: Literary Cultures, 1550-1700 TRU2020 Module
Irish and Scottish Writing, 1800-1939 TRU3035 Module
Irish Stories: History, Politics, Literature and Heritage HUC3016 Module
Jane Austen and the Novel EAS3232 Module
Kenyon College Seminar EAS0001 Module
Liberty, Slavery, Tyranny: Literature and Politics in the Romantic Age HUC2011 Module
Life and Death in Early Modern Literature EAS3179 Module
Life-Writing: History, Form, Practice EAS3178 Module
Literature / Anti Literature EAS3180 Module
Literature and Conflict, 1900-present TRU2913 Module
Literature and Environment TRU3016 Module
Literature and the Environment HUC2004 Module
Literature and the History of Ideas TRU1113 Module
Lost Worlds of the Long Nineteenth Century TRU2013 Module
Major Debates In Film Theory EAF1501 Module
Making Progress? Literature in a Changing Environment EASM099 Module
Modern Irish Literature EAS3226 Module
Modernism and Interwar Women Writers EASM145 Module
Modernism and Material Culture EASM151 Module
Modernism to the Contemporary TRU2011A Module
Mystery and Manners: The American Short Story EAS3238 Module
Myths of the Nation: Postcolonial Studies EAS3136 Module
Past and Present: Reinventions TRU1503 Module
Performing Digital Humanities: New Media Art and the 21st Century Museum EAS3176 Module
Perspectives in Communication CMM1001 Module
Perspectives on Sources: Independent Study Project in the Humanities HUC2002 Module
Poetry & Politics EAS3408 Module
Poison, Filth, Trash: Modernism, Censorship and Resistance EAS3252 Module
Postcolonial Studies: Literature, Theory, Practice EASM173 Module
Project Dissertation EAFM001 Module
Prose Writing Workshop EASM166 Module
Prostitutes, Pornographers, and Inverts: Sex in the Literature of the Long Nineteenth Century EAS3230 Module
Publishing and Power: Black and Asian Literary Networks in the UK EASM169 Module
Publishing Contemporary Literature: History, Practice, Theory EAS3199 Module
Queering British Film and Television EAF3518 Module
Reading for Life: Literature, Emotion, and Community EAS3410 Module
Reason & Passion: English Literature 1700-1799 TRU2012 Module
Reason and Passion: Literature of the Long Eighteenth Century TRU2016 Module
Reinventions TRU1104 Module
Renaissance and Revolution EAS2080 Module
Renaissance Space EASM160 Module
Renaissance, Reformation, and Rebellion TRU2006 Module
Research Skills: From the Archive to the Digital Humanities HUC1004 Module
Resource Fictions: Oil, Water and Conflict in the World-System EAS3194 Module
Rethinking Shakespeare EAS1041 Module
Revenge TRU3040 Module
Revival & Return: Using the Past from Pope to Keats EASM142 Module
Revolutions and Evolutions: Victorian Writings EAS2029 Module
Romance from Chaucer to Shakespeare EAS3228 Module
Romantic Revisions TRU3013 Module
Romanticism EAS2106 Module
Romanticism EAS3143 Module
Romantics and Victorians: Literature in the Industrial Age TRU2018 Module
Satire and the City: English Literature 1660-1750 EAS2102 Module
Sex, Scandal and Sensation in Victorian Literature TRU3029 Module
Sex, Scandal and Sensation in Victorian Literature HUC3012 Module
Shakespeare and His World: Compulsory Reading ISSM001 Module
Shakespeare and the History of Ideas TRU1100 Module
Shakespeare Revisited TRU1908 Module
Short Fiction TRU3041 Module
Short Fiction EAS3116 Module
Shots in the Dark: American Film in Profile EAF2502 Module
Something to See: War and Visual Media EAF3515 Module
Speaking Animals: Literature and Interspecies Relations EAS3411 Module
Spectacular Bodies: Shakespeare and Counter-cultural Performance EAS3231 Module
Sport, Literature and Media EAS3197 Module
Structures of Realism EASM133 Module
Surrealism and Its Legacies EAF3233 Module
Taiwan New Cinema and Beyond: Authorship, Transnationality, Historiography EAF3506 Module
Television: Times, Trends and Technologies EAF2511 Module
Text, Theory, Context: Modern and Contemporary Writing in English EASM143 Module
The 21st Century Museum EAS3245 Module
The Age of Unreason: Modernity and its Discontents HUC2012 Module
The Air in Literature HUC3913 Module
The American Novel Since 2000 EAS3168 Module
The Contemporary Film and Television Industries EAF1507 Module
The Death of the Novel EAS3198 Module
The Development of British Children's Literature TRU3046 Module
The Dream Palace EAF3236 Module
The Gothic TRU3024 Module
The Graphic Novel EAS3166 Module
The Human Animal in Early Modern Literature TRU2904 Module
The Literature of Cold War America EASM157 Module
The Novel EAS1037 Module
The Poem EAS1038 Module
The Poetry of Events EASM121 Module
The Rise of Science EAS3237 Module
The Shock of the New EAS2083 Module
Theatrical Cultures EAS2105 Module
Tolkien TRU3025 Module
Transatlantic Avant-Gardes, 1820-1900 TRU2910 Module
Twenty-First Century Literature and the Global City HUC3014 Module
Twenty-First Century Literature and the Global City HUC3011 Module
Victorian Things: Nineteenth-Century Material Culture EASM168 Module
Virginia Woolf: Fiction, Feeling, Form EAS3219 Module
Visual and Literary Cultures of Realism EAS3181 Module
William Golding and the Archive EAS3189 Module
Witchcraft and Magic in Culture HUC3007 Module
World Cinema / World Literature EASM167 Module
Write after Reading EAS1042 Module
Writing for Children and Young Adults EAS3191 Module
Writing for the Screen EASM122 Module
Writing Nature: Ecology, Place, Memoir EASM156 Module
Writing the Short Film EAS3128 Module
Writing Women in the English Middle Ages EASM174 Module
Written Dissertation EAFM006 Module

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