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Advanced Econometrics BEEM113 Module
Advanced Financial Technology BEEM062 Module
Advanced Macroeconomics I BEEM130 Module
Advanced Macroeconomics II BEEM131 Module
Advanced Mathematics for Economists BEE3054 Module
Advanced Microeconomics 2 BEEM129 Module
Advanced Microeconomics I BEEM128 Module
Applied Econometrics BEE2032 Module
Applied Econometrics 1 BEEM011 Module
Applied Econometrics 2 BEEM012 Module
Applied Econometrics for Business BEE3071 Module
Applied Economics BEE3055 Module
Applied Economics BEE3061 Module
Applied Economics for Business BEE3062 Module
Asset Pricing BEE3059 Module
Basic Mathematical Economics BEE1020 Module
Basic Quantitative Methods BEE1035 Module
Basic Quantitative Methods BEE1035A Module
Behaviour, Decisions and Markets BEE3049 Module
Behavioural Choice and Financial Decision BEEM126 Module
Behavioural Economics: Theory and Practice BEE3069 Module
Behavioural Insights for Business and Management BEE2042 Module
Behavioural Insights for Business and Management BEE3064 Module
Bitcoin, Money and Trust BEE3109 Module
Data Science in Economics BEE2041 Module
Development Economics BEE3052 Module
Development Economics BEE3052A Module
Econometric Analysis BEE3015 Module
Econometric Theory 1 BEEM139 Module
Econometric Theory II BEEM142 Module
Econometrics BEE2031 Module
Economic Analysis and Pandemics BEE3070 Module
Economic Growth BEE3053 Module
Economic Principles BEE1029 Module
Economic Principles and Policy BEE2024 Module
Economics and Ethics BEE2030 Module
Economics Dissertation BEE3068 Module
Economics for Management BEE1034 Module
Economics I BEE1036 Module
Economics II BEE1037 Module
Economics Issues: Theory and Policy BEE3028 Module
Economics of Banking BEEM119 Module
Economics of Corporate Finance BEEM117 Module
Economics of Management Strategy BEE3063 Module
Economics of Management Strategy BEE3027 Module
Environmental Economics BEE2034 Module
Experimental and Behavioural Economics BEE2036 Module
Experimental and Behavioural Economics BEEM125 Module
Experimental Methods BEEM127 Module
Family Economics and Policy BEE2035 Module
Financial Markets and Decisions BEE3033 Module
Financial Markets and Decisions I BEE2027 Module
Financial Markets and Decisions II BEE3034 Module
Fundamentals of Financial Technology BEEM061 Module
Future and Options BEE3032 Module
Game Theory BEE3018 Module
Game Theory and Industrial Organisation BEEM121 Module
Global Environmental Economics BEE3067 Module
Global Environmental Issues BEE3910 Module
Health Economics BEEM014 Module
History of Economic Thought BEE1032 Module
Industrial Economics and Strategy BEEM015J Module
Industrial Organisation BEE3037 Module
Intermediate Macroeconomics BEE2039 Module
Intermediate Microeconomics BEE2038 Module
International Economics BEE3045 Module
International Political Economy BEE3042 Module
International Trade And Regional Integration BEEM108 Module
Introduction to Behavioural Economics BEE1039 Module
Introduction to Data Science in Economics BEE1038 Module
Introduction to Econometric Theory BEE2020 Module
Introduction to Econometrics BEE1023 Module
Introduction to Finance BEE1006 Module
Introduction to Finance and Accounting BEE1033 Module
Introduction to Statistics BEE1022 Module
Labour Economics BEE3057 Module
Law and Economics BEE3019 Module
Machine Learning for Economics BEE3066 Module
Macroeconomic Theory I BEEM138 Module
Macroeconomic Theory II BEEM141 Module
Macroeconomics BEEM100 Module
Macroeconomics I BEE1031 Module
Macroeconomics II BEE2026 Module
Macroeconomics of Money and Financial Markets BEEM120 Module
Mathematics for Economic Research BEEM132 Module
Mathematics for Economists BEE1024 Module
Microeconomic Theory I BEEM137 Module
Microeconomic Theory II BEEM140 Module
Microeconomics BEEM101 Module
Microeconomics I BEE1030 Module
Microeconomics II BEE2025 Module
Money and Banking BEE2037 Module
Money and Banking 2 BEE3044 Module
Money and Banking I BEE2028 Module
Money and Banking I BEE3043 Module
ndustrial Economics and Strategy BEEM015 Module
Optimisation Techniques for Economists BEEM103 Module
Personal Finance Management BEE1021 Module
Philosophy of Economics BEE2010 Module
Philosophy of Economics BEE1015 Module
Policy Issues in the Global Economy BEE2021 Module
Political Economics BEE3058 Module
Public Economics 1 BEE3047 Module
Public Finance BEE2033 Module
Quantitative and Research Techniques 1 BEEM102 Module
Quantitative and Research Techniques 2 BEEM112 Module
Quantitative Methods for Finance BEEM104 Module
Research Methods I BEEM136 Module
Research Methods II BEEM143 Module
Statistics and Econometrics BEE2006 Module
Statistics for Business and Management BEE1025 Module
The Economics of Financial Crisis BEE3051_BEE2040 Module
Topics in Macroeconomic Theory II BEEM148 Module
Topics in Microeconomic Theory II BEEM147 Module
Understanding Causal Effects In Economics BEE3065 Module
Working in Practice BEMM131DA Module

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