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Acting and Not Acting DRAM1004 Module
Acting and Not Acting: The Dialectics of Performance DRA1004 Module
Activism and Performance DRA2087 Module
Adaptation in Contemporary Theatre and Performance DRA2071 Module
After Auschwitz DRA3079 Module
Applied Drama DRA2026 Module
Applied Drama DRAM094 Module
Applied Theatre, Practical Research Project DRAM117 Module
Applied Theatres, Practices and Perspectives DRAM114 Module
Audio Dramaturgy Theatre of the Ear DRA3102 Module
British South Asian Theatre, Film, and Television DRA3099 Module
Contemporary Performance Practices DRAM136 Module
Creative Industries Management DRA3050 Module
Creative Management DRAM142 Module
Cultural Adaptation DRAM103 Module
Culture in / as Performance DRA2072 Module
Cultures of Creativity DRAM143 Module
Cultures of the Street DRA2085 Module
Dance: Choreography DRA2013 Module
Death in Modern Theatre DRA3038 Module
Digital Theatrecrafts DRA2061B Module
Dis-eased: Performance and the Politics of Fear DRA3085 Module
Disordered: Madness and Representation DRA3034 Module
Dissertation DRAM080 Module
Dissertation DRAM145J Module
Dramaturgy and Creative Writing DRA3039 Module
Experimental Music Theatre DRA3048 Module
Ghosts and Hauntology in Theatre and Performance DRA3093 Module
History of Acting DRA3082 Module
Intercultural Performer Training DRAM095 Module
Intercultural Performer Training DRA3074 Module
Intermedial Performance Practice DRA2083 Module
Interpretative Acting 2 DRA3030 Module
Lecoq: Theatre Of Creation DRA3089 Module
Lecoq: Theatre of Movement and Gesture DRA2068 Module
Live Art DRA2065 Module
Melodrama DRA3090 Module
Modernist Drama in Contemporary Theatre DRA2092 Module
Music as Performance DRA2046 Module
Music Drama DRA3095 Module
Performance Analysis DRA1016 Module
Performance and Interpretation DRA2064 Module
Performance and Participation DRA2028 Module
Performance Practice Project DRAM096 Module
Performing Objects: Automata, Puppets, Robots DRA2081 Module
Person, Place, Belief, Identity, Performance DRA2074 Module
Physical Performance: Choreography in Theatre-Making DRA3084 Module
Physical Theatre DRA3035 Module
Playwriting DRAM118 Module
Playwriting DRA3075 Module
Popular Entertainment and Performance Documentation DRA2089 Module
Practical Essay DRA3061 Module
Practice II: Technical Specialisation DRA3011 Module
Practitioners in Context DRA1009 Module
Pretexts and Contexts of Drama 1 DRA1010 Module
Pretexts and Contexts of Drama 2 DRA2069 Module
Research and Performance DRA1012 Module
Research Preparation and Writing Skills DRAM102 Module
Research Project Development DRAM039 Module
Research Project Development DRAM034 Module
Researching Theatre and Performance DRAM150 Module
Restoration Theatre: Culture and Politics DRA3024 Module
Skakespearean Scene in Action DRA3036 Module
Social Practice in Art and Performance DRA3097 Module
Social Practice in Art and Performance DRA2073 Module
Staging the Text DRA2067 Module
Thatcher And After: Political Playwriting Since 1979 DRA3071 Module
The Actors Body: Intercultural Theories and Practices DRAM112 Module
The Actors Body: Intercultural Theories and Practices DRA3076 Module
The Function of Laughter: Lecoq and the Comedic Territories DRA2088 Module
The Old and the New Globe Theatres DRAM063 Module
Theatre and Environment DRA3083 Module
Theatre and Globalisation: 21st Century Black British Drama DRA3086 Module
Theatre and Health DRA2045 Module
Theatre and Madness DRA3067 Module
Theatre and Madness DRAM090 Module
Theatre Dissertation DRA3094 Module
Theatre for a Changing Climate DRA3092 Module
Theatre Histories DRA1015 Module
Theatre In Extremis : Peforming (for) Survival DRA2082 Module
Theatre Practice I: Applied Drama DRA3012 Module
Theatre Practice II: Directing DRA3009 Module
Theatre Practice II: Interpretative Acting DRA2007 Module
Theatres of Space, Form and Colour: Constructivism and the Bauhaus DRA2095 Module
Versioning Shakespeare DRA3081 Module
Voice For The Actor DRA2086 Module
Voice Theatres DRA3091 Module
Voices Across Stage and Screen DRA2096 Module
Wild Performances: Theatrical Encounters with Animals and Landscapes DRA3096 Module
Women and Theatre 1700 - 1928 DRA2084 Module
Women and Theatre 1700-1928 DRA3088 Module
Working Together: Performer Training for Collective Creation DRA3087 Module

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