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Advanced Applications of Physiology BIO3047 Module
Advanced Biological Chemistry BIOM029 Module
Advanced Cell Biology BIO2088M Module
Advanced Cell Biology BIO2088 Module
Advanced Laboratory Skills BIOM549 Module
Analysis of Biological Macromolecules BIO2084 Module
Analytical Techniques in Biochemistry BIO2090 Module
Animal and Plant Physiology BIO1320 Module
Animal Developmental Biology BIO3091 Module
Animal Ecophysiology BIO2082 Module
Animals BIO1331 Module
Application of Genomics in Infectious Disease BIOM567 Module
BIO3046 BIO3046 Module
Biochemistry BIO1332 Module
Biochemistry BIO1329 Module
Biochemistry and Genetics BIO1341 Module
Biodiversity and Evolution on Islands JBIM005 Module
Bioinformatics BIOM516 Module
Bioinformatics BIO3092 Module
Bioinformatics Tools and Techniques BIOM502 Module
Bioinorganic Chemistry BIO2091 Module
Biological Sequence Analysis and Structural Bioinformatics BIOM504 Module
Biology of Marine Vertebrates BIO3098 Module
Biology of Marine Vertebrates BIOM551 Module
Biophysical Chemistry BIO1346 Module
Biosciences Research Project BIO3096 Module
Blue Planet BIOM568 Module
Cell Biology of Disease BIO3086 Module
Cell Biology of Disease BIOM548 Module
Cell Cycle and Cancer BIO3044 Module
Cells BIO1339 Module
Cellular Basis of Immunity BIO3078 Module
Cellular Basis of Immunity BIOM515 Module
Coral Reef Field Course BIO2081 Module
Current Issues in Marine Biology BIO3083 Module
Developmental Biology BIO2083 Module
Dissertation / Research Project JBIM001 Module
Ecology BIO1336 Module
Ecology and Environment BIO2076 Module
Ecology of Environmental Change BIO3037 Module
Ecotoxicology BIO3067 Module
Elements of Chemistry in Biological Systems BIO2075 Module
Energy Metabolism BIO3093 Module
Energy Metabolism BIOM517 Module
Environmental Microbiology BIO3065 Module
Essential Elements of Life BIO1321 Module
Evolution and Informatics BIO2077 Module
Evolution of Infectious Diseases BIO3066 Module
Extended Medical Mycology Project BIOM538 Module
Fisheries Science BIOM520 Module
Food Security: Plants, Disease and Environment BIO3094 Module
Forensic Science BIO2066 Module
Forensic Science BIO2068 Module
Freshwater and Estuarine Environments - Practical Field Skills BIOM522 Module
Frontiers in Molecular Cell Biology BIOM547 Module
Frontiers in Molecular Cell Biology BIO3077 Module
Fundamental Principles for Bioscientists BIO1333 Module
Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry BIO1340 Module
Genetics BIO1334 Module
Genomics and Biotechnology BIO2087 Module
Genomics And Introductory Bioinformatics BIO2092 Module
Global Conservation Strategies and Legislation JBIM007 Module
Horizons Of Biochemical Research BIO3085 Module
Human Molecular Biology BIO2072 Module
Introduction to Biotechnology BIO1325 Module
Introduction to Molecular Biology BIOM503 Module
Invasion and Extinction on Islands JBIM006 Module
Island Biogeography JBIM003 Module
Island Conservation in Action JBIM009 Module
Island Ecology JBIM004 Module
Islands and Climate Change JBIM008 Module
Learning from Industrial Experience BIO3075 Module
Learning from Professional Placement Experience BIO3088 Module
Living in a Microbial World BIO3097 Module
Machine Learning Techniques and Information Systems for Bioinformatics BIOM505 Module
Mammalian Biology BIO3038 Module
Marine Biology BIO2074 Module
Medical and General Microbiology BIO2078M Module
Medical and General Microbiology BIO2078 Module
Medical Cell Biology CSC1008 Module
Metabolism BIO2086 Module
Microbial Ecology BIO3099 Module
Microbial Effectors of Disease BIO3080 Module
Microbiology BIO1337 Module
Microbiology and Cell Biology BIO1330 Module
Microbiology and Cells 1 BIO1342 Module
Modern Theories of Evolution BIO2093 Module
Molecular Basis of Infection BIO3079 Module
Molecular Basis of Infection BIOM525 Module
Molecular Biology of the Gene BIO2089 Module
Molecular Microbiology BIO2094 Module
Molecular Plant Science BIO2099 Module
Organic Synthesis BIO3040 Module
Organic Synthesis and Drug Design BIO3089 Module
Pharmacology and Medical Chemistry BIO3041 Module
Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences BIO1323 Module
Plants BIO1338 Module
Practical Skills in Field Ecology BIO2096 Module
Preparing for Professional Placements BIO2001 Module
Professional Skills BIOM509 Module
Project 1 - Medical Mycology BIOM536 Module
Project 2 - Fungal Immunology BIOM537 Module
Quantitative Research Methods in Health BIOM510 Module
Research Grant Proposal BIOM527 Module
Research Methods in Bioinformatics BIOM507 Module
Research Project BIOM518 Module
Research Project BIOM560 Module
Research Skills and Bioethics BIO2071 Module
Science Communication BIO3082 Module
Secondary Metabolism and Metabolites BIO3042 Module
Secondary Metabolites BIOM514 Module
Secondary Metabolites BIO3090 Module
Specialist Topics in Chemical Sciences BIO3073 Module
Structure & Reactivity of Organic Compounds 2 BIO2085 Module
Structure and Reactivity of Organic Compounds 1 BIO1322 Module
Structure and Reactivity of Organic Compounds 1 BIO1345 Module
The Diversity of Animals, Plants and Protists BIO1327 Module

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