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Name Code Type
Art History and Visual Culture Field Study AHV2005 Module
Art, Industry and the Modern, 1840-1900 AHV3010 Module
Contemporary Visual Practices AHV2007 Module
Debates and Contestations in Art History AHV2002 Module
Global Art and Empire, 1850-1950 AHV2011 Module
Global Modernisms AHV3007 Module
Ideal Cities? Urban Cultures of Renaissance Italy AHV2208 Module
Imaging Nature AHV2010 Module
Inside the Museum AHV1005 Module
Installation Art AHV3012 Module
Introducing Visual Culture AHV1001 Module
Introduction to Art History AHV1002 Module
Modern/Avant-Garde/Contemporary: Debates and Contestations in The Visual Arts AHV1007 Module
Paris to the World: Modelling the Modern City AHV3009 Module
Performance Art AHV3008 Module
Photography and Evidence AHV2013 Module
Queer Visual Practices AHV3005 Module
Revolutions! Art and Society in France, 1770-1848 AHV2012 Module
The Face AHV3003 Module
The New York Avant-Garde 1955-1980 AHV2009 Module
Topics in Art History and Visual Culture I AHV1008 Module
Topics in Art History and Visual Culture II AHV1009 Module
Undserstanding Space in Renaissance Italy AHV3002 Module
Visual Media AHV1006 Module

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