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Approaches to Middle East and Islamic Studies: States, Societies and Identities ARAM213 Module
Armed Islamist Movements: Jihadism and Beyond ARA3158 Module
Britain in the Middle East, 1798-1977 ARA3162 Module
Conflict Analysis ECPM002 Module
Conflict and Peacemaking Palestine - Israel ARA2135 Module
Debating Authoritarianism and Democracy in North Africa ARAM200 Module
Elementary Arabic Language ARA1033 Module
Elementary Persian 1 ARA1013 Module
Ethnicity and Political Representation in latin America ECPM007 Module
Ethno-Politics: Theoretical Considerations and Case Studies ARA3149 Module
EU Democracy Promotion in the Middle East and North Africa ARA3154 Module
EU Democracy Promotion in the Middle East and North Africa ARA3185 Module
European and US Democracy Assistance in the Middle East ARA3198 Module
Foundational Islamic Texts ARA3138 Module
From "Home Lands" to "Host States": Migration, Displacement and Diaspora in the Middle East ARA3043 Module
Gender and Politics in the Middle East ARAM225 Module
Gender, Identity and Modernity in the Middle East ARA2118 Module
Gender, Sexuality And Violence In Palestine/Israel ARA3200 Module
Gender, Sexuality and Violence in Palestine/Israel ARAM230 Course
Histories of the Middle East, 600-1800 C.E. ARA1036 Module
History and Society in Middle East ARA1009 Module
Introduction to Islam ARA1018 Module
Introduction to Persian History and Culture ARA1021 Module
Introduction to Persian Literature ARA2152 Module
Islam and Persianate Culture in South Asia ARA3141 Module
Islamic Culture and Civilisation ARAM214 Module
Islamic Law and Society ARA2132 Module
Islamist Movements: From the Muslim Brothers to Al-Qa'ida ARA2160 Module
New Approaches to Islamic Thought ARAM103 Module
New Approaches to Islamic Thought ARAM103A Module
Palestinian Politics after Oslo ARAM209 Module
Politics and Economy of the Contemporary Middle East ARA1010 Module
Politics of Semi-Democratic and Authoritarian Countries ARA3107 Module
Regions and Empires in Islamic Archaeology ARA2014 Module
Revolution, Reform or Status Quo ARA2166 Module
Spaces of Domination and Resistance in the Middle-East ARA2176 Module
Studying the Contemporary Middle East ARAM215 Module
Sufism, Islamic Mysticism and Devotional Life ARAM217 Module
The Arabian Nights: Perception and Reception ARA3197 Module
The Historiography of the Arab-Israeli conflict ARA2161 Module
The History and historiography of the Palestine Question ARAM204 Module
The Kurds: History and Politics ARA3140 Module
The Kurds: History and Politics ARAM147 Module
The Middle East since 1945 ARAM188 Module
The Orientalist Debate ARA3159 Module
The Palestine Question: Past and Present ARAM221 Module

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