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Actor-Network Theory ANT2040 Module
Addiction ANT2086 Module
Addiction ANT3086 Module
Animal Ethics ANTM111 Module
Animals and Society ANT2116_ANT3099 Module
Animals, Culture and Society: Classic Themes ANT2045_ANT3043 Module
Animals, Health and Healing ANTM101 Module
Anthropology of Africa ANT3006 Module
Anthropology of Africa: Histories, Politics and Perspectives ANT2011 Module
Anthropology of Forced Migration ANT2109_ANT3024 Module
Anthropology of Islam ANT2017_ANT3017 Module
Anthropology of The Middle East ANT2021 Module
Anthropology of the State ANT2016 Module
Anthrozoology Residential ANTM107 Module
Anthrozoology: Theory and Method ANTM102 Module
Applied Anthrozoology ANTM103 Module
Bioacoustics ANTM108 Module
Childhood ANT3002 Module
Consumption and Society SOC2110 Module
Contemporary Capitalism, Critique and Resistance ANT2105 Module
Culture And Wellbeing ANT2107_ANT3107_SOC2107_SOC3107 Module
Cultures of Race, Ethnicity and Racism ANT2089_ANT3089_SOC2089 Module
Cultures: Food ANT2014_ANT3014 Module
Cultures: Food ANT1006 Module
Current Debates in Anthropology ANT2003 Module
Current Debates in Anthropology: Practice ANT2005 Module
Disability and Society ANT3087 Module
Environments in Public ANT2024_ANT3041_SOC2052_SOC3117 Module
Ethnography Now ANT2002 Module
Ethnomusicology ANT2084_ANT3084_SOC2084_SOC3084 Module
Family Hominidae and Other Primates ANTM104 Module
Food and Agriculture in Historical Perspective ANTM004 Module
Food, Body and Society ANTM021 Module
Health, Illness and Bodies in Contemporary Society Part 1: Medicine and Social Control ANT3085 Module
Health, Illness and Bodies in Contemporary Society Part 1: Medicine and Social Control ANT2085 Module
Health, Illness and Bodies in Contemporary Society: Part 2: Bodies in Society ANT2088_ANT3088_SOC2088_SOC3088 Module
Human-Animal Interactions ANT2010_ANT3005 Module
Imaging Social Worlds: Qualitative Research ANT1022_SOC1047 Module
Imagining Social Worlds: Artefacts ANT1008 Module
Imagining Social Worlds: Texts ANT1003 Module
Institutional Ethnography ANT2108-3080 Module
Into the field ANT2004 Module
Introduction to Social Anthropology - Theorising the Everyday World ANT1004 Module
Introduction to Social Anthropology: Exploring Cultural Diversity ANT1005 Module
Living cities: Migration, place and the politics of identities ANT2009_ANT3004 Module
Media and Society ANT1007 Module
Permaculture And Gardening With Nature ANT2022 Module
Sound and Society ANT2090_ANT3090 Module
The Animal Mirror: Representations of Animality ANTM100 Module
The Anthropology of Prisons ANT3096 Module
The Anthropology of Prisons ANT2114 Module
The Horse-Human Dyad ANTM110 Module
The Human Condition: Classic Readings in Anthropology ANT2012_ANT3012_PHL2051_PHL3051 Module
The Representation of Animals Through Religion ANTM106 Module
Theories and Approaches in Anthropology ANT1009 Module
Theory and Methods of Food Preservation ANT2023_ANT3023_ANTM003 Module
Visual Anthropology: Methods and Perspectives ANT2013_ANT3013 Module

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