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Accounting 2 BEA1007 Module
Accounting for International Managers BEAM045 Module
Accounting Principles BEA1006 Module
Accounting, Organisations, and Society BEA3027 Module
Advanced Corporate Finance BEA3024K Module
Advanced Corporate Finance BEAM050 Module
Advanced Corporate Finance BEA3018 Module
Advanced Corporate Reporting BEAM071 Module
Advanced Financial Accounting BEAM024 Module
Advanced Financial Analysis BEAM063 Module
Advanced Financial Reporting BEA3020 Module
Advanced International Taxation BEAM061 Module
Advanced Management Accounting BEAM025 Module
Advanced Management Accounting BEA3017 Module
Advanced UK Taxation BEAM060 Module
Alternative Investments BEAM054 Module
Applied Empirical Accounting BEAM056 Module
Applied Empirical Accounting and Finance BEAM078 Module
Audit and Assurance BEA3012K Module
Auditing BEA3022 Module
Bank Management BEAM065 Module
Banking and Financial Services BEAM033J Module
Banking and Financial Services BEAM033 Module
Business Finance For Accountants BEA1010 Module
Business Law for Accountants BEA1003 Module
Business Law for Accountants BEA1003A Module
Comparative Taxation BEAM058J Module
Comparative Taxation BEAM058 Module
Corporate Finance BEA2018 Module
Corporate Finance BEA3023K Module
Corporate Finance and Governance BEAM052 Module
Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility BEAM070 Module
Corporate Governance, Accountability and Audit BEA3006 Module
Corporate Law BEA3015 Module
Credit Instruments and Derivatives BEFM017 Module
Current Issues in Accounting and Finance BEA3025K Module
Derivative Pricing BEAM035 Module
Dissertation for MSc Accounting and Finance BEAM027 Module
Domestic and International Portfolio Management BEAM036 Module
Equity Valuation Models and Issues BEFM016 Module
Finance for International Managers BEAM080Z Module
Finance for Managers BEA3008 Module
Financial Accounting BEA2001 Module
Financial Accounting A BEA2019 Module
Financial Accounting B BEA2020 Module
Financial Instruments BEAM031 Module
Financial Management BEA3001 Module
Financial Modelling BEAM046J Module
Financial Modelling BEA3026 Module
Financial Modelling BEAM046 Module
Financial Statement Analysis BEA3019 Module
Financial Statement Analysis BEFM011J Module
Financial Statement Analysis BEFM011 Module
Financial Statement Analysis BEA3019K Module
Fundamentals of Financial Accounting BEAM072 Module
Fundamentals Of Financial Management BEAM047 Module
Governance and Accountability BEA3021 Module
Intermediate Management Accounting BEA2017 Module
International Financial Management BEAM042 Module
International Taxation BEA3016 Module
International Taxation BEA3029 Module
Introduction to Accounting BEA1013 Module
Introduction to Financial Accounting BEA1008 Module
Introduction to Management Accounting BEA1009 Module
Introduction to Statistics for Accountants BEA1012 Module
Introduction to UK Taxation BEAM059 Module
Investment Analysis 1 BEAM032J Module
Investment Analysis 1 BEAM032 Module
Investment Analysis 2 and Equity Valuation Models and Issues BEAM038_BEFM016 Module
Investment Analysis Dissertation BEAM006 Module
Investment Analysis II: Equity Valuation & Methods Readings BEAM038 Module
Investment Analysis Project BEAM037 Module
Investment Instruments BEFM013 Module
Investment Practice IMC Unit 2 BEF2102DA Module
Investment Research Methods 2 BEFM014 Module
Investment Research Models 1 BEFM010 Module
Management Accounting 1 BEA2008 Module
Management Accounting and Control BEAM005 Module
Management Concepts and Practices BEA1005 Module
Managerial Accounting BEA2010 Module
Mergers, Management Buyouts And Other Corporate Reorganisations BEAM053 Module
Portfolio Management and Asset Allocation BEFM015 Module
Principles of International Taxation BEAM051 Module
Research Methods in Taxation BEAM073 Module
Sustainable and Responsible Finance BEA3028 Module
Taxation BEA2002 Module
Taxation Dissertation BEAM062 Module
Topics in Financial Economics BEAM029 Module
Work Based Project BEAM064 Module

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